Wellness and Spa Weekend

Hello world!

We are in Krapinske toplice!! We are visiting perfect place for relaxation, wellness and amazing gourmet experience, Villa Magdalena.

Villa Magdalena_dianomaya-9157

We took A1 highway from Split and had 5 hour drive to Croatian Zagorje. Krapinske Toplice are just 45 km from Zagreb.

Villa Magdalena has 6 apartments and 18 double rooms. Our room was simply wonderful and bed was super comfortable! Room had balcony with view of mountain Medvednica and hydro massage bathtub, in the living room, with chromo therapy and spring thermal water. Mindblowing!

Krapinske toplice_Villa Magdalena_dianomaya-9108

Krapinske toplice_Villa Magdalena_dianomaya-9128

Krapinske toplice_Villa Magdalena_dianomaya-9137

Krapinske toplice_Villa Magdalena_dianomaya-9170


On Villa’s top floor is a wellness oasis with heated indoor pool, whirlpool, saunas, showers, heating seats, balcony with deck chairs and a gym.

Krapinske toplice_Villa Magdalena_dianomaya-9320

Krapinske toplice_Villa Magdalena_dianomaya-9295

Krapinske toplice_Villa Magdalena_dianomaya-9279

Hotel also offers massages and we gladly booked 4, well 2 each :). Our review is simple: Book as many massages as you can afford! Getting a massage, with calm and relaxing music in background you can easily free yourself from everyday stress, refresh your body and find a moment for yourself.


Last, but not least, Hotel restaurant was real gastro experience. Their professional, young, staff was flawless. We had half board; breakfast and dinner included in our accommodation price. We booked Wellness romance package, but you can choose from several other packages they offer. Find more information here: VILLA MAGDALENA.

Krapinske toplice_Villa Magdalena_dianomaya-9470

Krapinske toplice_Villa Magdalena_dianomaya-9206

Krapinske toplice_Villa Magdalena_dianomaya2-9215

Krapinske toplice_Villa Magdalena_dianomaya2-9221

Krapinske toplice_Villa Magdalena_dianomaya-9473

We are back next Monday with new island experience.

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Don’t push yourself too hard, take breaks!

Don’t push yourself too hard, take breaks!

This was the best advice we ever got. Some of you may know that, sometimes, it is so hard to follow that advice. We have been working a lot, I mean really a lot. We both have several jobs and work 24/7 during summer, and last week we decided to take little break.

We packed our bags, left the city and drove 20 minutes to beautiful Villa outside Split city. We needed to RESTART. This is the main reason blogs are coming up again. We had time to put all our ducks in  a row and start hustling again.



We have chosen Villa Amore for our getaway adventure mostly because Villa is isolated, but still close to city, beach, shops, restaurants, etc. It has beautiful natural surrounding and great view on mountain Mosor. Other than that, it has pool. We needed pool time.


Villa Amore-6200

On the ground floor you have garage (enough space for 2 cars) and fun room with pool & soccer table, gym and a bathroom.

Villa Amore-6285

Villa Amore-6280

On the first floor there are 3 bedrooms, huge living room, bathroom and kitchen which exits to the terrace. Whole Villa is acclimatized and perfect for summer temperatures.

Villa Amore-5779

Villa Amore-5867

Villa Amore-5945

Villa Amore-5988

Villa Amore-6045

Villa Amore-6048

Villa Amore-6116

Also perfect is pool with outside shower, sunbeds and barbecue.

Villa Amore-6199


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