Why visit Omiš, Croatia?

Hello world!

Remember our rule to always “go outside”? This time that rule took us to Omiš, Croatia.
Are you #teamgooutside?

We took a car and drove from Split, via Poljička cesta (road). There is always traffic on main road to Omiš, so we recommend using this alternative road.
DIRECTIONS: After Stobreč city, turn to Žrnovnica and follow the road to Omiš. See instructions -> HERE.

Poljička road also has several scenic spots on the way to Omiš. This area is historically famous for Poljica Republic, autonomous community which existed in the late Middle Ages. Our first stop was Sv. Jure church near village Gata. Church was a place where lords were chosen and decisions, for Republic, were made. Nowadays, it known as a beautiful viewpoint with a view of the Cetina canyon and Omiš city.



Next, you cannot miss Mila Gojsalić statue! It is further down the road towards Omiš.
See instructions -> HERE

The legend says young girl from Poljica, named Mila Gojsalić, seduced Ottoman leader Ahmed-Pasha and, after he fell a sleep, she set on fire gunpowder storage. When Ottomans tried to capture her she ran of the cliff edge and jumped into her death.
In memory of that heroic act, famous Croatian sculptor Ivan Meštrović created statue of Mila at precisely the same place where Mila jumped to her death.

That said, keep in mind statue is directly on the road, keep your eyes open so you don’t miss it! View of canyon and Omiš is incredible! Here we even took our Mavic DJ Pro drone for a ride.





We parked a car on a road above statue. Close by there is damn, some kind of waterfall and tunnel that goes inside mountain. There are no markings on the road which say what that place really is, so we are not sure how safe it is to go there. For us it was perfect Instagram place, so I just went down 🙂


Now, we can ride down to Omiš city, small town on Dalmatian coastline. Our friend Pave lives there, so we are always happy to see him.

Pave has apartments he is renting during summer, check him out if you are planing to stay in Omiš overnight -> HERE.
You get 10% discount if you book trough this link (for any city and booking):  https://www.booking.com/s/27_8/maivce99

Omiš is for every kind of holiday. You can go mountain climbing, rafting, canyoning or do zipline. If you are not adrenaline type of person, Omiš has historical city center with Mirabela fortress above roofs of old town. There is a big sandy beach on Adriatic sea and Radmanove Mlinice getaway on river Cetina, where you can just chill all day. That is summer Omiš we are talking about, but during winter it is another story. Everything is pretty much closed and streets are completely empty. Which is ok, if you want to escape for a day.







If you are spending more than a day in Omiš, climb up to the Fortica fortress, Pave can show you the way :).

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Earth Day celebration above Omiš

Hello world!

Our friend Pave invited us to the hiking event in Omiš, we didn’t ask much, just said YES! We have been to Omiš with Pave before (video below) and we always like coming back.

Event was “hello to the spring” in honor of Earth Day and it was held on the Omiška Dinara mountain. Pave convinced us it is only 20 minute light walk, it wasn’t :). It is approximately 40 minute walk up, medium heavy. For Maya, who is out of shape, felt harder than that. But, however you rate level of incline, one thing is 100% true – it is worth it! Views from top of the mountain are breathtaking!

Climb starts from place Borak, above Omiš, and first stop was Mountain hut “Imber”.




Mountaineers from all different Croatian Mountaineering Association were there with their families; cooking beans, playing funny games, sharing a laugh and stories.




We didn’t plan to go all the way to the top “Kula“, but Jesena (Pave’s friend) convinced us that views are even better than what we’ve seen so far. How can you say no to that?

Was it worth it? Let us know in comments below 🙂

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