Zagreb is still the best Christmas Market in Europe

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As some of you might know, we are based in Split and it’s the most beautiful town in the world, however, it doesn’t do winter festivities very (any) good. Lucky for us 5 hour bus drive takes us to Zagreb Christmas Market, which has won “The best Christmas Market in Europe” three times in a row (2017,2016,2015). We believe it would have won again this year, but the rules are you cannot win 4 times in a row. Once you’ve seen Zagreb, nothing can compare, not even Strasbourg Christmas Market which we saw last year and it is one of the top 10.
Zagreb simply wins in Christmas. 🎄🎄🎄

I wrote about our TOP 10 locations last year and they haven’t changed much. If I start writing, I would name most of the same locations, but the crazy thing is they have completely different set up, but are still incredible!

Let me show you 2018 vs 2017 pictures!

2018 Plato Gradec

Advent in Klovicevi dvori

2017 Plato Gradec

2018 Caffe de Matoš

Caffe de Matoš, Zagreb

2017 Caffe de Matoš

2018 Marićev passage

2017 Marićev passage

2018 Fuliranje

2017 Fuliranje

2018 Zrinjevac park

Zrinjevac, Zagreb

2017 Zrinjevac park

I’ve also vlogged last year, so you can watch the video, if anyone has time for that :).

I think you can see the upgrade, not only in Zagreb locations but also in our photography style. Who know what 2019 has prepared for us! I am thinking about writing 2019 wish-list blog, so stay tuned for one more blog before New Year. The easiest way to know when is uploaded and live, is if you subscribe to our blogs 🙂 Also, don’t forget to:



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12 places to visit in ISTRIA

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If you are our Instagram follower, you already know we visited Istria, Croatia. If you are not, you can follow our adventures here-> @dianomaya.

Istria is another region in Croatia, full of beauty. We were there in November (Croatian winter) and had only 2 days to explore around, so keep in mind there is so much more out there. If you are in Istria with a car, these are 12 places you must visit.


We had to put this city no.1 because it is just incredible! First, before you enter the city, there is a old tunnel (part of Parenzana, old railway road between Trieste and Poreč). The green vegetation made a coat around it, so it looks like from the fairytale, just like the rest of the city.

Parenzana, Grožnjan

Grožnjan has 64 art galleries (almost 90% closed in winter), street names and numbers in light blue, picturesque streets and cute cats all around. It is easier if we show you with pictures :).

Town Loggia, Grožnjan
Grožnjan streets
Grožnjan, Church of St. Vitus
One of the galleries of Grožnjan
Grožnjan from the air
Beautiful cats of Grožnjan

   2. ZAVRŠJE and Parenzana road   

We tried to look for all Parenzana locations, but just didn’t have enough time to explore. Thankfully, we found some in Završje village. 

We followed the road from Grožnjan to Završje, passed the village Završje and on the left side of the road saw the sign for Parenzana.  You cannot miss it because, right at the beginning of the road is an old railway station.

On this path from Završje to Antonci you can find 2 tunnels and incredible viaduct in the middle of the forest. Road is about 5-6 km long, so pack some snacks to have picnic in the woods.

Tunnel no1.

Tunnel no2.
Viaduct, Završje

    3. ROVINJ

Rovinj is city on Adriatic sea and very much alive from May-September. Unfortunately for us, we were there in November, so most of the cute galleries and shops in the old town were closed. Including our friends Marija Gallery Brek. We walked around empty streets and enjoyed the quiet. However, during summer everything comes alive, shops open their colorful doors and streets get crowded with happy people. 

Rovinj old town, from air
“Photo spot”
The best view of the city


Not sure how to call it, because we saw all mentioned above. Is it a fjord, a gulf, a canal or a canyon, we don’t care! It is beautiful, whatever it is geologically. The location we took pictures is between Poreč and Rovinj, near city of Kloštar. You can find directions -> HERE.

    5. PULA

Pula was the busiest city we saw on this trip, that must be because it is the largest city in Istria region. However, most of its historical attractions were under renovation. We applaud to this! Cities need to keep their most valuable treasures nice and neat for next season, as most of Croatian cities make money from tourism noways. 

Pula is mostly know for Arena Pula, but there are also many other things to see around: Temple of August, Triumphal Arch, Pula Castle, Roman theater, Twin Gates and city walls, numerous churches and museums & galleries (Maritime, Oil, Contemporary Museum and many others).

We definitely plan to come back in this region once in summer, because they have so many natural beauties too. If you are planing Pula for your holiday, don’t miss Brijuni National Park, Premantura and Rt Kamenjak.

Arena Pula
Temple of August
Triumphal Arch


First, let me tell you that Pazin is amazing!!! It is, with Pula, on top of our list to come back in summer. Entire city is located on huge pit. Local agencies offer Zip Line adventure over that pit and also Speleoadventure under the city where they have underground lake! How insane is that!!!
We want to do it both!!!

Next to those amazing things they also have incredible cave and waterfall called Zarečki Krov. You can find directions -> HERE
I think this would be incredible place to have picnic in spring, refresh in summer and go under the cave/waterfall. Now, tell me you don’t want to go there?

Zarečki krov, Pazin


This is an abandoned medieval town near Kanfanar city. There is a big map in the city which shows you location of the Castle. But if you are driving from Kanfanar to Poreč, it is right on the side of the road, you cannot miss it. We got there in golden hour, so we went crazy with photoshoot.

    8. OPRTALJ

Oprtalj is another picturesque city, situated on the top of the hill right across Motovun (another amazing city we didn’t have time to visit this time, due to roads constructions). It is so easy to get lost, creatively, in it’s colorful streets.

Oprtalj from the air

    9. HUM and GLAGOLJAŠKA CESTA (Glagolitic Alley)

Glagolitic Alley is a 7 km long memorial road from Roč to Hum. There are 11 stone monuments on the road which celebrate Glagolitic script, the oldest known Slavic alphabet.  
“Rise of the Istrian Code” was the most interesting to us, but maybe you can find something else interesting for you. Full list is HERE.

Rise of the Istrian Code, Glagolitc Alley

At the end of Glagolitc Alley is Hum city, the smallest city in the world! It has only 23 inhabitants and you can easily walk around it in 20 minutes. The legend says it was built by giants, if that is true, those must’ve been some softy giants, because this city is the cutest ever!

Hum streets
Assumption of Mary, church in Hum
Brandy distillery entrance

    10. NOVIGRAD

First impression is this city is soooo colorful! We think Novigrad has so much more to offer than we saw and it is totally worth of visiting in summer. Most of the historical attractions were closed or under construction. They also have umbrella covered street sky, which wasn’t there in November. However, we had the best time doing a little photoshoot near Novigrad Lighthouse, which (we heard) offers the best sunsets!

Novigrad Lighthouse
Novigrad city walls


Svetvinčenat is a village in central Istria with Morosini-Grimani Castle in the center of it. The Castle was under construction, but lovely workers allowed us to enter and have a little fun with medieval installations. 

     12. VIŠNJAN 

Last, but not least is city of Višnjan. Another beautiful central Istria city, also known for its Observatory and Istrian Stonehenge on Tičan hill.

Višnjan Observatory
Istrian Stonehenge 
Maya posting stories on Instagram
Lavender fields on Tičan hill

That’s all folks. I mean, that is not all that Istria offers, but all we managed to see in 2 days, cruising around Istrian peninsula with our car. Hope it inspires you to do the same. If it does, TAG us on your stories and posts!

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10 FREE locations in Dalmatia, Croatia

Hello World!

When we started blogging life we thought we need to travel outside Croatia all the time, for people to be interested in our stories. Luckily, we realized you don’t need to escape your country or hometown to be interesting, what you need to do is EXPLORE it MORE. 

Split,  Croatia

We know it is not easy to travel 365 days in a year, but you can easily walk around your city every single day. When you get enough of your town (if that is even possible when you live in a place like Split, Croatia) you can explore it’s surroundings. That’s exactly what we have been doing recently.

Split city is located in DALMATIA region, so let’s break down some FREE highlights of this area.


Near city of Solin there are remains of ancient Roman town Salona. At it’s entrance you can find beautiful martyrs (Manastirine) and Tusculum, while at the south part there are remaining of the Roman forum. There is small fee only for the Archaeological museum, which we skipped and enjoyed only outdoors. If you have time, it is perfect picnic spot.

Roman forum

Near Solin you can also find remains of the Hollow Church (Šuplja crkva) on the Jadro river bank. 

Jadro river
Hollow church, Solin

     2. KLIS

On the mountains above Split you can find small village of Klis. It is mostly known for it’s Klis Fortress, were TV series “Game of Thrones” was recently shoot. The entrance fee is 50 HRK per person. Since this was FEE FREE trip, we didn’t go inside, however we admired the views from it.

View from Klis Fortress 

Nearby, we also found the most magnificent bridge that gave us serious Harry Potter vibes. 


Fort is located near city of Trilj, on Cetina river bank. There aren’t many signs on the road (although it should be, because this place is pretty incredible), so follow the instructions here: MAP. From the main road turn onto dirt road, which leads very close to the fort.

Nutjak fort is also famous for it’s wild life: birds, lizards, but also snakes, so if you have any phobia, skip this one. If you are a nature lover, prepare your photo gear and take your time, they crawl all around.

Nutjak fort, Trilj
Cetina river view from Nutjak

    4.  GREEN LAKE

We visited Blue and Red lake near Imotski before (find that story HERE), but this time we decided to visit it’s less known sister Green Lake. This gorgeous “Cinderella” is located near town Ričice and it is man made accumulation lake, not natural one. Still, we found it mesmerizing and totally worth of visit! You can come with your car, over the dirt road, all the way to the middle of the lake. It looks like you are walking on Mars.

Green lake, Ričice
Green lake, dam 


Again, near Imotski there is another nature phenomena that is out of this world and it is called Prološko blato (mud). It is a huge wast flooded area with the lake in the middle. You can ride your car around the field, but be careful because water created crests, so you will find many “dead ends”. Also, there is big reason it is called mud field. Water variates during the year, so there are periods when the field is almost entirely flooded and there are dry periods. We were there in semi dry period and walked around. I had marvelous idea to skip over water stream to get to Franciscan monastery, on the other side of the crest. I fell so deep in the mud that I almost lost my shoe in it :). Btw. monastery was not worth it.

Maya in the mud up to her knees
Prološko lake, Proložac
Prološko blato from above, I took this pic with my phone


Like the name says, this is Ruda river spring. To find it, there are no markings on the road (approximate location – HERE). I’ve put request to Google Maps to update on location, so you can easily found it next time, but in the meantime just ask the locals. It always works :).

When you come to old mill ruins, don’t just stop there, go behind it. Follow concrete path, because it leads you to were spring is hidden. You can walk all the way to the spring too, follow woods path on your left. Just be careful because the water is crazy fast and below the spring is a rocky waterfall.

Ruda, mill
Ruda waterfall
Ruda river
Ruda spring and mill (phone picture)
Ruda source (phone picture)


Grab is the sweetest little village famous for it’s mills and river spring. Everything is very well marked, so you cannot get lost here. Our advice is to park your car right at the city entrance, near the church, and walk from there. Grab charmed us completely. Nature is beautiful and heritage is so valuable. There are couple of mills that are still in function, we stopped by “Čosića mlinica” and “Samardžića mlinica”, where they ground grain to water run. If you want to buy homemade flower, you can do it there.

Čosića mill
Grab river 


We found this beautiful bridge, in Cetina river canyon, completely by accident. On our way to Imotski, we found marking on the road for “Kreševski most (bridge)”, in Kreševo village, and decided to pursuit it. You can find directions -> HERE. Again, it is not direct link, but there are markings on the road, so you should easily find it, once there.

The bridge connects mountaineer road from Kreševo to Blato na Cetini, so if you are up for a nice walk a long Cetina river, this is the perfect place.


These ones you cannot miss, they are right on the side of the road! That said, we missed it, hahaha. So keep your eyes open when passing Cista.

Besides wells, the area of the Cista Velika has other historical findings like tombstones and fortresses, so if you have time, stop and explore it more. We only stopped to see wells from Turkish times. They were obviously water source once, but now they are incredible photo shoot location.

Wells in Cista Velika
People also use it as a garbage bin, so sad about it


Two little villages in Dalmatia hinterland, located on beautiful Cetina river, which have several magical river banks and locally owned picnic spots. I would say it is more summer location, because in summer time you can swim in river and definitely refresh your body and soul in it.

Cetina river (phone picture)
(phone picture)

Hope this was helpful! If you end up going to one of this locations, TAG #dianomayaway so we can see it!

Should you wish that WE ORGANIZE PHOTO TRIP to these locations, let us know in Instagram DM and we will make it happen!

Also, for Lightroom Presets users, besides “Fake sunset” preset, I used “Dark Sista” preset to edit this photos. I am working on “preset package”, slowly, but I want them to be perfect. I am sending “Dark Sista” preset to anyone who is interested to try it out. Just DM me on Instagram @dianomaya.

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Is this Earth?

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It has been a while. We didn’t stop making content, we were just making material for clients and not ourselves. Diano has been shooting and selling his videos and I have been uploading behind the scenes photos on our Instagram account. Are you our follower -> DianoMaya?

It has been amazing experience and privilege to drive around Croatia and film. The place which got me to write again was Zrmanja Canyon. I mean, how crazy is this place?


We drove from Split on A1 highway and got down in Benkovac. Drove trough Obrovac, which is super cute city, btw, and found local road which follows Zrmanja river flow.

You can find map here -> DIRECTIONS

First we found beautiful overview of the river. Emerald green Zrmanja cutting in raw rocky landscape got us feeling like we were on some other planet.




Second stop, called “Parizevacka glavica”, was bit more challenge to find. Follow the road to Jasenice and look for telephone pole numbers 86 and 87. I mean it, really look the numbers on the poles on the road. After you turn, between 86 & 87, you will see the sign “Parizevacka glavica”. The dirt road will take you to unbelievable overview point where “Winnetou” was filmed.



This time, I also wanted to show you my “before and after” pictures. I have been making Lightroom Presets for a while now and this one I am a specially proud of.

I called it “Fake sunset”.Fake Sunset

Would you like to try it on your pictures? Keep in mind that, to use it you need to have Lightroom CC Classic desktop version. Click below to try it.



“Fake sunset” preset

DianoMaya Lightroom Preset "Fake sunset" was created on LumixGH5 pictures. Hope it works for you as well.


I hope you’re loving the “Fake sunset” preset as much as I do. It is seriously one of my favorites, so far. This is the first time I am showing it to the world and it is making me even more excited to reveal the complete preset pack to you. Would you be interested to see all my presets?

Send us your questions and impressions in the comments below, we will be happy to answer them all!

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Road Trip begins in Croatia with Avax

Hello World,

We have been announcing our road trip on Instagram for a while and now it is finally here! This is our road trip plan: Split – Otavice – Drniš – Knin – Zagreb – Sopron – Bratislava – Budapest (from which we are flying to Izrael for 4 days) – Varaždin – Split.
Does it sound good?

So, we started our journey in Split, Croatia. Avax rent a car agency in Split had kindly given us their newest Suzuki Swift, which passed only 20 kilometers. Their only motto is to provide quality service at a  competitive price and they lived up to our expectation. Their staff was amazing upon pick up and we managed to get discount for you guys!


As planned, our first stop was Otavice village or to be exact Ivan Meštrović Mausoleum. If you didn’t know, Meštrović was renowned sculptor, painter and architect of the 20th century. His work is exhibited around European and American museums & galleries, including the Vatican. I read that his art is compared to art of Michelangelo. If you are art geek, Google for more information :). Anyhow, Meštrović is buried in his childhood home in Otavice, in this Mausoleum, which he built for his family. If I understood right (please, correct me if I am wrong) Mausoleum is also the church of the Most Holy Redeemer, which makes it great  mixture of memorial, artistic and sacred.

Find directions to get to Mausoleum-> HERE





Next stop is only 10 minutes from Otavice, in a village called Drniš. Above the canyon of Čikola river firmly stands the Gradina fortress. It is not only historically important, but it also offers breathtaking views of the city, canyon, fields and river. See for yourself!

Find directions -> HERE






Afterwards, we drove to Knin fortress, apparently the second largest fortress in Europe located in Knin city. We parked our Avax Suzuki right in front of the entrance. The gate of the Fort was open and there was nobody at the ticket office, is it possible that the entrance is free? I don’t think so, because I remember that I paid entrance ticket before, when I was there with my friend Marina back in 2006. So, if you decide to go, prepare some cash with you, just in case somebody decides to open ticket office :).

Directions to Knin fortress -> HERE




We were completely alone, walking around and having fun exploring different watch towers. The wind was so strong that day that it almost blew me from the fortress walls while I was taking photos. From the Fort you can see entire Knin city at the palm of your hand, on one side, and Krka river on the other side. Keep your eyes open, because from the Fort you can also see Krcic waterfall, our next and final destination of this week.

Directions to Krčić waterfall-> HERE


We parked our car next to small bridge and walked to the waterfall. Krčić is a mighty waterfall with a single drop of 22m. I remember seeing on Instagram people taking pictures right below the waterfall, on wooden bridge, and we planned to do the same.  It was super windy, so waterfall looked very misty. We thought it would be fun to walk from one side of that bridge to the other, right below the waterfall. It was, fun and WET! We were completely washed by Krčić. I can’t wait to show you our video guys! Diano will edit the footage as soon as we come back to Croatia (in 2 weeks) and we will share it on our YouTube and Facebook pages. Don’t forget to turn post notifications ON, so you can get a notification every time we post a photo or video on our pages.


From Knin we drove strait to Zagreb and spent a night at our friends house. Trips up north are always fun because we get to see our friends who live in Croatian capital. This time we won’t be exploring Zagreb, we are just passing trough. Our story will continue next week from Sopron, Hungary.

Hope our journey will help you plan your road trip or at least day trip in Dalmatia inland. If you liked this story, don’t forget to:



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Does it have to be perfect?

Hello World?

Where are you now? I am in office, writing another blog to you. This is a story about how we were waiting for a perfect day to drive outside city. Unfortunately, that day never came. Our story begins how we went anyway :).

We drove from Split to Sinj, with our car, small car, tiny Smart Car. It serves us so well. Maybe we should name it? Any suggestions?

Anyways, it was raining, so we decided to skip too much walking around town and went strait to “Old Town”, old fortress above Sinj city. The people of Sinj simply call the Town.


We walked trough most beautiful forest up. On the way up, famous Croatian Sculptors made Stations of the Cross, a 14-step Catholic devotion that commemorates Jesus Christ‘s last day on Earth as a man. Sculptures are pretty good actually. We were discussing difference in sculpting man and female body, these sculptors definitely paid attention to woman’s body on “Jesus meets the women of Jerusalem”, 8th station. Go check it out 🙂




In the center of the fortress is Sanctuary of the Miraculous Lady of Sinj. One of the largest celebration of Feast of Assumption of the blessed virgin Mary is in Sinj, on 15 August. Pilgrims from all over the world come to Sinj with only one aim – to kneel with hands clasped in front of the Miraculous Madonna of Sinj.

It also offers amazing town view!




Rain started, croup actually, so we took our drone down and got back on the road. We were looking for Kosinac spring. It took us a wile to find it in a rain. If you decide to go there, let us help you with some instructions: HERE.

Now, let us show you why you should go there!




Legend says, whoever drinks from Kosinac spring, his soul will be filled with new energy. You can believe in legends, or not, but we came with positive attitude and we are leaving with one!

Rain just didn’t want to stop falling. Well, what can you do? Does it really have to be perfect? There is so much beauty around us, so if you really want to travel every day explore your surroundings even on a rainy day. I don’t just mean literal rain, the water drops from the sky. I also mean, when you have rain on your mind & soul. Go outside! Travel every day in the “micro world”, it is beautiful and it is waiting for you!

That said, thank you for being so wonderful and reading my story till the end. Tell me, have you ever written similar story?




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Why visit Omiš, Croatia?

Hello world!

Remember our rule to always “go outside”? This time that rule took us to Omiš, Croatia.
Are you #teamgooutside?

We took a car and drove from Split, via Poljička cesta (road). There is always traffic on main road to Omiš, so we recommend using this alternative road.
DIRECTIONS: After Stobreč city, turn to Žrnovnica and follow the road to Omiš. See instructions -> HERE.

Poljička road also has several scenic spots on the way to Omiš. This area is historically famous for Poljica Republic, autonomous community which existed in the late Middle Ages. Our first stop was Sv. Jure church near village Gata. Church was a place where lords were chosen and decisions, for Republic, were made. Nowadays, it known as a beautiful viewpoint with a view of the Cetina canyon and Omiš city.



Next, you cannot miss Mila Gojsalić statue! It is further down the road towards Omiš.
See instructions -> HERE

The legend says young girl from Poljica, named Mila Gojsalić, seduced Ottoman leader Ahmed-Pasha and, after he fell a sleep, she set on fire gunpowder storage. When Ottomans tried to capture her she ran of the cliff edge and jumped into her death.
In memory of that heroic act, famous Croatian sculptor Ivan Meštrović created statue of Mila at precisely the same place where Mila jumped to her death.

That said, keep in mind statue is directly on the road, keep your eyes open so you don’t miss it! View of canyon and Omiš is incredible! Here we even took our Mavic DJ Pro drone for a ride.





We parked a car on a road above statue. Close by there is damn, some kind of waterfall and tunnel that goes inside mountain. There are no markings on the road which say what that place really is, so we are not sure how safe it is to go there. For us it was perfect Instagram place, so I just went down 🙂


Now, we can ride down to Omiš city, small town on Dalmatian coastline. Our friend Pave lives there, so we are always happy to see him.

Pave has apartments he is renting during summer, check him out if you are planing to stay in Omiš overnight -> HERE.
You get 10% discount if you book trough this link (for any city and booking):

Omiš is for every kind of holiday. You can go mountain climbing, rafting, canyoning or do zipline. If you are not adrenaline type of person, Omiš has historical city center with Mirabela fortress above roofs of old town. There is a big sandy beach on Adriatic sea and Radmanove Mlinice getaway on river Cetina, where you can just chill all day. That is summer Omiš we are talking about, but during winter it is another story. Everything is pretty much closed and streets are completely empty. Which is ok, if you want to escape for a day.







If you are spending more than a day in Omiš, climb up to the Fortica fortress, Pave can show you the way :).

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Do you want to hike with us?

Hello world!

We have been in Croatia for couple of months, mostly stuck in office. People think all we do is travel, because we post only travel content, but believe it or not we also work everyday. We are proud owners of Social Network Content Marketing company called VideoElement. Basically, we help other business to run their Social Networks, make photo & video content for their digital marketing or just educate them how to “do it yourself”.

For bigger parts of our day we are on a computer or a phone (aren’t everybody?), so we enforced the rule to “go outside” at least once a day. Are you #teamgooutside?

Since we are based in Split there are a lot of beautiful places to go daily. Everyday, we try find new picturesque place to share on our Instagram stories. Are you following us on Instagram jet? @dianomaya

Once a week we go outside the city, to spice up our life. Our friends are members of MOSOR hiking association and they are always inviting us to go hiking with them. Finally, we found a date when everybody was available, weather was perfect and tour sounded amazing. We went hiking to top “Sveti Ilija” on Rilić, from Gradac city.


I have a bad knee and we weren’t fully equipped for this activity, but we love views from top of the mountains. Chasing those kind of views is priceless!

To give you some facts: Rilić is southeast part of Biokovo, Dalmatian mountain. It is about 3 hour hike from Gradac to the top, on 773 m altitude.  From “Sveti Ilija” top you can see unforgettable views of Gradac city, Bacina Lakes (Baćinska Jezera) and islands Hvar, Korčula, Mljet & Pelješac. And we saw it alright!





This wasn’t our first time hiking. Didn’t I say we love views from top of the mountains? Last year we did one day trip to Nature Park Biokovo. We drove with a car from Makarska all the way to the top. In video below, you can see astonishing views from Ravna vlaška – 1 228 m, Štrbina – 1 338 m, Vošac, 1 422 m and Sv. Jure – 1 762 m. From each of this lookout points you can see central Dalmatians islands (Brac, Solta, Vis, Bisevo, Susac, Lastovo and Korcula), well… practically whole south Dalmatia 🙂

Last December, Diano went with his friend Pave & Kawasaki KRL 650 off road to Kozjak. Kozjak is little mountain above Split city. They started in Šestanovac, drove trough Omiš, Split & Klis. First stop was Sv. Jure church, viewpoint on 676 m. Second, Sv. Luka on 779 m. On their way back, they stopped at Klis fortress. Fortress defended Split from Ottoman empire long long time ago, but recently it is known as location of Daenerys Meereen city walls in “Game of Thrones”.

Let’s not forget that we participated in “hello to the spring” event in honor of Earth Day, held on the Omiška Dinara mountain, near Omiš city. I’ve wrote a blog about that event, which you can read -> HERE.

I am so grateful for YOU, who reads my blogs till the end. Write down in comment who are you guys and I will shoutout my favorite in next blog 🙂
Also, if you would like to hike with us, let us know and we will try to make it happen!

In a meantime:




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Wonderful little “Medieval charmer”

Hello world!

We are in Trogir, just few kilometers from Split, our hometown. We have several friends who live there (remember Maja & Milan from Drvenik Mali story?), but still we don’t visit it enough and we need to change that, because it is gorgeous seaside city!

Let me tell you why we think you should put Trogir on your “bucket list”.


Trogir is UNESCO heritage city which, I heard, people call “little Venice”, “Museum-city” and many other names. I call it “Medieval charmer” :).
It is 30 minute car drive from Split city (please note, in summer there are huge traffic jams towards Trogir, so sometimes it takes 1 hour or more to reach city). Town is located on island, but bridges connect it to mainland.

It is small city, so it can be included even in the fastest schedule. You can literally walk it in 30 minutes, but don’t. If you are planing to stay in town over night, you can easily find affordable accommodation here -> BOOKING.

START at The Land Gate (Kopnena Vrata) and get lost in “street maze“! While walking trough alleys you will bump into most unexpected beauty of stone arches & walls, colorful doors and charming Mediterranean courtyards.






Find your way to Trogir Cathedral (Katedrala Sv. Lovre). Apparently, the best views of the city are from tower of St. Lawrence Cathedral. We didn’t get a to chance to see it, but if you did, let us know (in comments below) if that is true!
Instead, we hung out with our friend Marina on Main Square. It was Christmas time, therefore it was accordingly decorated.




You exit city walls trough “porta civitatis” to waterfront promenade. You will find most spectacular boats and yachts docked at the promenade. In summer time, plenty family-owned restaurants and taverns open their doors for most amazing gastronomical experience. You can walk promenade in 5 minutes, from one end to other. At the end, rises beautiful Kamerlengo castle which was, unfortunately, closed.








If you have car & time, go to the Trogir Marina, from where you can get perfect city landscape photos. Aim to get there in “golden hour” 🙂



We rated Trogir as a perfect town for Instagramers. What do you think?




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Thank you 2017!

2017 has been unbelievable year!
We are grateful for this life and for being able to share our adventures with you.

We traveled trough 8 different countries, visiting numerous cities, islands & mountains and truly lived the adventure!
We met so many new and amazing people, but also cherished our old friends & family which accompanied us on several trips.
Thank you for all the support and love you’ve always given us!

Special thanks to Villa MagdalenaYacht Korab Luxury Gourmet CruisingESCAPEDalmatian Throwdown & Frode Borge for collaborating with us in 2017!

Scroll down to see our 2017 highlights…

…at the end of the forest you will find cute old houses and narrow streets, which will take you strait to the city… Read more on our -> BLOG.

The drop, the color, the river, the canyon – we loved it all! -> BLOGIMG_0227

If you are artist or think of yourself as artistry person, if you are in search of unusual and different, this is a place to be. What? Where? Read it here -> VIENNA Blog

The second largest ossuary in Europe contains 50,000 skeletons. Who sees dead people?

We took afternoon stroll on Vltava River, where people feed swans. This is unique Instagram location! Find out where is it -> HERE.

Verona is so much more than “Romeo & Juliet” city. Verona is LOVE!

Number 4 is our favorite -> BLOG


ITALY – Lucca & Pisa
We expected more of Pisa, less of Lucca, but together they are perfect combo!

Get lost in Boboli gardens, you won’t regret it. #teamgetlost

ITALY – Dozza & San Leo
…beautifully painted city murals which are hard to describe in words, so let me show you some pictures…HERE.

Highlight of this trip was castle located on Mount Titano, unfortunately, most other things to see were closed.

CROATIA – VIS island
– Be careful, it is stronger than it seems while you obliviously sipping glass after glass. What? Where? Read here -> VIS BLOG

SUMMER – We also did business meeting in Vis. Perfect place to do business! -> BLOG

Locals have legend that says if you can throw a stone in the Red Lake you will soon get married. So, who wants to know if legend is true?

We said “hello to the spring” in honor of Earth Day on the Omiška Dinara mountain.


If you are planing to explore this region more, like we did, put all castles on your list.

Slunjčica flows into the Korana River across cascades creating waterfalls of different size – MIND BLOWING, we know! Look -> HERE

If you are planing trip soon, here are some information that might help you organize it!

Diano visited only one afternoon, loved it, and now it is on our bucket list to explore in 2018. Why not? You can find quick overview -> HERE.

ESCAPE – we didn’t experienced or filmed this event properly. That is why we are definitely coming back in 2018 for full 5 days. Who is with us?

SAILING – perfect way to meet your business partners!

GIRLS TRIP – no video this time, hope you will like photography in BLOG.

Too short experience, therefore plan for summer 2018 is to create unique vacation & gastro delight with Korab. Yes, this was paid promotion, but we loved it!

This is our TOP BLOG POST of 2017. So you guys love wellness and spa? Should we do more trips like this? Do you have any suggestions?Villa Magdalena_dianomaya-9157

We still can’t decide if, in Vela Rina, sunrises or sunsets are better? What did you like better? Tell us in comments!

We had to visit The best Christmas Market in Europe. Who hasn’t? Read -> HERE

We had 4 hour layover on our journey, so we decided to explore the city! We also got to show off new brand collaboration with Yato.

Breathtaking little Alsace city, beautiful people & serious adventure.

WoW this is going to be loooooong blog to read. Well, it was a long happy year, what can we do 🙂
We hope our journey will help you plan your trips. We would be so grateful if you can share this with your friends. In a meantime, don’t forget to:




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