Wonderful little “Medieval charmer”

Hello world!

We are in Trogir, just few kilometers from Split, our hometown. We have several friends who live there (remember Maja & Milan from Drvenik Mali story?), but still we don’t visit it enough and we need to change that, because it is gorgeous seaside city!

Let me tell you why we think you should put Trogir on your “bucket list”.


Trogir is UNESCO heritage city which, I heard, people call “little Venice”, “Museum-city” and many other names. I call it “Medieval charmer” :).
It is 30 minute car drive from Split city (please note, in summer there are huge traffic jams towards Trogir, so sometimes it takes 1 hour or more to reach city). Town is located on island, but bridges connect it to mainland.

It is small city, so it can be included even in the fastest schedule. You can literally walk it in 30 minutes, but don’t. If you are planing to stay in town over night, you can easily find affordable accommodation here -> BOOKING.

START at The Land Gate (Kopnena Vrata) and get lost in “street maze“! While walking trough alleys you will bump into most unexpected beauty of stone arches & walls, colorful doors and charming Mediterranean courtyards.






Find your way to Trogir Cathedral (Katedrala Sv. Lovre). Apparently, the best views of the city are from tower of St. Lawrence Cathedral. We didn’t get a to chance to see it, but if you did, let us know (in comments below) if that is true!
Instead, we hung out with our friend Marina on Main Square. It was Christmas time, therefore it was accordingly decorated.




You exit city walls trough “porta civitatis” to waterfront promenade. You will find most spectacular boats and yachts docked at the promenade. In summer time, plenty family-owned restaurants and taverns open their doors for most amazing gastronomical experience. You can walk promenade in 5 minutes, from one end to other. At the end, rises beautiful Kamerlengo castle which was, unfortunately, closed.








If you have car & time, go to the Trogir Marina, from where you can get perfect city landscape photos. Aim to get there in “golden hour” 🙂



We rated Trogir as a perfect town for Instagramers. What do you think?

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Castles of Croatia

Hello world! How are you?

We are doing pretty good since spring arrived in Croatia, there are plenty of sunny days to travel around this beautiful country. This time road took us to Karlovac and we decided to explore castles around it.

First stop is Dubovac castle! It is castle from 13th century and it overlooks city of Karlovac. It was once owned by famous Croatian counts and dukes, including Frankopan and Zrinski family. Nowadays, most of castle is under renovation, but there is restaurant inside where you can try and enjoy local cuisine. Don’t miss small lake (on a side of the castle) and the great view point (in front of castle).




We easily found Dubovac castle on GPS, but for next ones we had to use “ask the locals” method. There are almost none markings on the road, so follow directions for cities castles are located in.

That leads us to city of Ozalj and Ozalj castle. Castle is located on a cliff above the Kupa River. Once, it was the joint castle of the Croatian noble families Frankopan and Zrinski, which has great historical value. There is small entrance fee for Castle and Museum (approx. 4 EUR per person). We wandered for a while around the Castle’s courtyard, but didn’t enter the museum. The views of Kupa river from castle are amazing!









Near Ozalj castle, you can also see Ozalj Hydroelectric Power Plant, which is the second oldest hydroelectric power plant in Croatia. Ozalj Power Plant looks breathtaking and you can easily say it was our third “castle” in Karlovac county :).




Last spot, of our trip, was city of Ribnik and Castle Old town (local: Stari grad). Old town Ribnik castle is feudal lowland castle with circular courtyard and the only ‘water castle’ or island’s town, in Croatia. Old town Ribnik was used for filming several historical films. Unfortunately, castle is not open for visitors, which is such a shame. We used our Mavic drone to see what is inside.



We are staying in this region and visiting Rastoke watermill village next! If you are planing to explore this region more, like we did, there are affordable places to sleep in Karlovac: ACCOMMODATION

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See you in Rastoke next week!

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