On the road with Avax again!

Hello world!

We are on the road again! We left our comfortable “Boutique Apartments Possonium”  and jumped into our Suzuki. We have referral link for Booking.com with which you get 10% back -> https://www.booking.com/s/49_8/maivce99

Ok, now that we got discounts out of the way, I can tell you where we are going 🙂
We are going on 15 minute drive from Bratislava to Devin Castle, wohooo!


Devin Castle is a castle in Devin, so obviously. It is up on hill that overviews Danube and Morava river. If you have been reading my blogs, you know I am fascinated by water, big water like rivers, seas and oceans. I have deep respect and admiration for big waters and in this place we have two big rivers crossing paths, amazing!
Well, it also has huge Neolithic Castle on top, oldest one in Slovakia.




Entrance fee for Devin Castle is 5 EUR and it takes you into the walls to the top. The castle stands just inside Slovak territory on the frontier between Slovakia and Austria. How crazy is that? We could actually see fields of Austria from the top.

The second thing, very much worth of seeing in Devin, is a public path along the river bank. There are several hikes and bikes trails around the castle. We were there in a beginning of March, so river Morava was throwing in huge chunks of ice into Danube. River shore, in some places, looks like it could be beach during the summer, though.




There are few restaurants in Devin, so if you have time try fine Slovak cuisine. We didn’t have time. We spent all day walking around Devin castle, it was cold, so there was just a two of us wandering around. We completely lost the track of time, that eventually, it was our time to leave, not to eat.


We are driving to Budapest and can’t wait to see it again. Remember, we were there in 2016, it was our first blog ever!! Check it out -> HERE.

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Bratislava TOP attractions

Hello world!

As you already know from our previous blog, we are in Bratislava, Slovakia. Read “Where to stay in Bratislava” blog -> HERE. I promised that the next blog will be about attractions and where to eat, so let’s start with some Bratislava views!

-> Slavin is memorial monument and military cemetery in Bratislava. Very big way to commemorate thousands of Soviet Army soldiers who fell during World War II, if you ask us. Slavin is situated in a very rich villa quarter, on top of a hill, which offers amazing views of the city and Bratislava Castle.




-> Bratislava Castle is is the main castle of Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia. It was built in the 9th century and, since then, it crowned 11 kings and 8 queens! Crazy, right? Nowadays, it is a home of the Slovak National Museums. Entrance fee is approx. 10 EUR. If you are not a “museum kind of person”, it is still cool, free and easy to walk up to the Castle. There is beautiful park surrounding the Castle and it, obviously, offers amazing city and Danube river views.






-> UFO Observation Deck is the third, and last, city view point that we saw. It is located just a few minute walk from the Old Town, on the other side of the New Bridge. The bridge walk is actually very fun as well! Crossing the Danube river is always impressive, because Danube is glorious. Am I the only one who thinks Danube is glorious?? Anyhow, walk there on one side and return, to the city, from the other side of bridge, because that way you can see cities from both sides of bridge.
UFO Deck is actually built in New Bridge (Nový most, or also called Most SNP). You go to the deck in the elevator 95 meters (312 feet) up, which costs approx. 7 EUR (for adult). They said UFO offers views up to 100 kilometer distance, so we had to try it!








Ok, now let’s go to the Old Town. There are few main attractions which you can walk around:
-> St. Michael’s Gate/Tower, the only city gate which is preserved since Medieval times. Inside the tower is Museum of Weapons and City Fortifications. Under the gate you can find Zero kilometer stone, which counts the distance from Bratislava to other cities in the world.


-> Old Town Hall, on Main Square, is a home to Museum of City History which has examples of Medieval torture instruments, in the basement. You can also check out Primatial Palace, Old Building of the Slovak National Theatre and St. Martin’s Cathedral which are located in the Old Town area.

It is amazing just getting lost in streets of Bratislava. We decided to skip entering museums and had fun wandering around the Old town.






-> Let’s not forget Bratislava’s got quite a few statues around the old town: Cumil, Schone Naci, Napoleon soldier and Paparazzi. They are waiting you, patiently, to take photo with them. Sometimes, being the tourist is so much fun!




-> Grassalkovich Palace and Gardens, is official residence of Slovak President. In front of the palace there is a fountain in a shape of the Earth as a symbol of freedom and palace is guarded by Presidential guards. They have daily changes of the guards, similar to the well-known Queen’s Guard change in London. 




Those are our favorites! What other attraction would you recommend to add to our list? While you think of that, let us show you our TOP picks to EAT in Bratislava!

RE:FRESH restaurant and club in Bratislava Old Town. Their restaurant offers quality meat food, but they have also very innovative vegetarian and vegan menus. Finally place where everybody can eat whatever they want! Well…whatever is on the menu and they want it 🙂
They also have night club in the basement. Check their party schedule before you come to Bratislava.

Find Re:Fresh-> HERE









URBAN CAFE Bistro is a very nice and warm place, right next to St. Michael’s Gate. They are serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, but you can just get coffee & cake and do some laptop work there, like we did :).

Find them -> HERE



UFO Deck also has bar & restaurant. Such a cool place to chill with cup of coffee, right?



Hope our Bratislava journey was of help! Let me know, in comments, if I should do anything differently in our blogs. Would you like more information or less? If you like our story don’t forget to subscribe, follow, like and share!

See you on a road next! In a meantime…


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