She is in love with this waterfall!

Hello World!

For you who didn’t recognize it, we are in Plitvice National Park, one of the most beautiful National Park in Europe and Maya is in love with it!


Plitvice National Park, in Croatia, is known for its 16 lakes, waterfalls, canyons and streams, which makes it perfect gateway from crowded cities. If you are planing trip soon, here are some information that might help you organize it!


We drove to Plitvice NP with a car, therefore we needed a parking. Car parking costs 7HRK (1EUR) per hour. There are 2 Main entrances to the park and each have parking. We arrived from Rastoke and road led us to Entrance 1.


Plitvice NP is logistically divided into the Upper Lakes and the Lower Lakes. Entrance 1 is closest to the Lower Lakes, Entrance 2 is slightly closer to the Upper Lakes. The most exciting and worth visiting place in Plitvice National Park is The Big waterfall. If you are in a hurry it is better to park at Entrance 1, from which there is a direct path to Big waterfall. That is exactly what we did, as we came around noon to the park.




Like mentioned before, the most exciting place in Plitvice National Park is The Big waterfall, but that is just the beginning of the park story.



Šupljara underground cave is slippery, so be careful, but it is also art of nature.



Near Lake Gradinsko is a series of spectacular waterfalls.



Lake Kozjak is the park’s largest lake.



Lake Prošćansko has perfect Instargam reflection ;).


Park has variety of trails, all linked by the trains and boats. If you have time walk, instead of jumping on to train, nature is spectacular!

TIP: Be aware that swimming is forbidden.






There are few places where you can buy food and drinks in Plitvice National Park, but we read that food is expensive there so we carried our own food with us. You can organize a nice picnic with an amazing view to the lakes!

TIP: bring plenty of water, or try water from the stream 🙂


If you are planing to stay in area you can either find some apartments or hotels in nearby villages. We spent night in lovely Restaurant Rooms Pino (book here). We booked double bed room with balcony for very affordable price (approx. 300 HRK). They also have restaurant within object, so we had both dinner and breakfast there.




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Magical watermill village Rastoke

Hello world! Ready for more adventure?

After our Castle adventure in Karlovac county, we drove close to Slunj city and spent night in lovely Restaurant Rooms Pino (book here). We booked double bed room with balcony for very affordable price (approx. 300 HRK). They also have restaurant within object, so we had both dinner and breakfast there.


First thing in a morning we drove to Rastoke watermill village. We parked on main road, right before village bridge, on a public parking (fee approx. 1 EUR per hour). Right there, you can see Rastoke beauty!






Slunjčica flows into the Korana River across cascades creating waterfalls of different size – MIND BLOWING, we know! Rastoke are often called Plitvice’s little sister, but they are so much more than that!

We spent only half day in Rastoke, but would recommend you to take entire day! Etno village is small itself, but it is a place you can get lost in.  They have tavern, mill, textile house, museum, fishpond and meadow with a totem in the middle. The waterfalls in Rastoke were named after the mill owners, and the most famous ones are Buk, Hrvoje and Fairy Hair (local: Vilina kosa). But our favorite in village was hidden cave bellow waterfall.






Don’t forget to stop in some of the cutest restaurants and try some homemade specialties.


We are going to Plitvice National Park next, since we are in neighborhood :). Don’t forget to follow our adventures on our social network:


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Castles of Croatia

Hello world! How are you?

We are doing pretty good since spring arrived in Croatia, there are plenty of sunny days to travel around this beautiful country. This time road took us to Karlovac and we decided to explore castles around it.

First stop is Dubovac castle! It is castle from 13th century and it overlooks city of Karlovac. It was once owned by famous Croatian counts and dukes, including Frankopan and Zrinski family. Nowadays, most of castle is under renovation, but there is restaurant inside where you can try and enjoy local cuisine. Don’t miss small lake (on a side of the castle) and the great view point (in front of castle).




We easily found Dubovac castle on GPS, but for next ones we had to use “ask the locals” method. There are almost none markings on the road, so follow directions for cities castles are located in.

That leads us to city of Ozalj and Ozalj castle. Castle is located on a cliff above the Kupa River. Once, it was the joint castle of the Croatian noble families Frankopan and Zrinski, which has great historical value. There is small entrance fee for Castle and Museum (approx. 4 EUR per person). We wandered for a while around the Castle’s courtyard, but didn’t enter the museum. The views of Kupa river from castle are amazing!









Near Ozalj castle, you can also see Ozalj Hydroelectric Power Plant, which is the second oldest hydroelectric power plant in Croatia. Ozalj Power Plant looks breathtaking and you can easily say it was our third “castle” in Karlovac county :).




Last spot, of our trip, was city of Ribnik and Castle Old town (local: Stari grad). Old town Ribnik castle is feudal lowland castle with circular courtyard and the only ‘water castle’ or island’s town, in Croatia. Old town Ribnik was used for filming several historical films. Unfortunately, castle is not open for visitors, which is such a shame. We used our Mavic drone to see what is inside.



We are staying in this region and visiting Rastoke watermill village next! If you are planing to explore this region more, like we did, there are affordable places to sleep in Karlovac: ACCOMMODATION

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See you in Rastoke next week!

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Earth Day celebration above Omiš

Hello world!

Our friend Pave invited us to the hiking event in Omiš, we didn’t ask much, just said YES! We have been to Omiš with Pave before (video below) and we always like coming back.

Event was “hello to the spring” in honor of Earth Day and it was held on the Omiška Dinara mountain. Pave convinced us it is only 20 minute light walk, it wasn’t :). It is approximately 40 minute walk up, medium heavy. For Maya, who is out of shape, felt harder than that. But, however you rate level of incline, one thing is 100% true – it is worth it! Views from top of the mountain are breathtaking!

Climb starts from place Borak, above Omiš, and first stop was Mountain hut “Imber”.




Mountaineers from all different Croatian Mountaineering Association were there with their families; cooking beans, playing funny games, sharing a laugh and stories.




We didn’t plan to go all the way to the top “Kula“, but Jesena (Pave’s friend) convinced us that views are even better than what we’ve seen so far. How can you say no to that?

Was it worth it? Let us know in comments below 🙂

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How many lakes do you have Imotski?

Hello world!

We visited town of Imotski, hidden deep in the Dalmatian inland and we need to tell you one fact…Imotski is mind blowing!! If you’ve seen our Instagram feed, you already know we are in love! Picturesque little town on a hill is home of, not one, but two most impressive lakes, Blue and Red.


We took a car from Split and hoped on A1 Croatian highway. You exit from A1 in Zagvozd and follow signs to Imotski. When you reach the city follow Glavinja donja (if you don’t see any other signs for Blue Lake). There is parking area right in front of Lakes panoramic spot.

You can visit both lakes from all sides and we encourage you to because the views are amazing! There is walking trail around the lake. Blue Lake is more approachable (you have trail leading from the parking spot right to the bottom) and it is very beautiful, but Red Lake you can see only from the cliff and it is crazy!! Good crazy :).

Now…we googled some facts for you:

Blue Lake (Modro Jezero) is a karst lake with total depth of around 220 meters. Sinkhole is possibly formed by the collapse of an enormous underground cave. Lake water depth varies with season. It got its name from the color of the water, beautiful blue. When the lake dries out local soccer teams play soccer on it’s bottom. We visited in spring.





Just a few kilometers away stands the Red Lake (Crveno jezero), the deepest Karst lake in Europe and a 3rd largest sinkhole in the world. This depression is 528 m deep, whereby the depth of the water reaches up to 300 m, with the bottom under the sea level. It is known for its numerous caves and remarkably high cliffs. It gains its uniqueness from the color of the surrounding cliffs which are reddish brown in tone.





If you are nature lover we advice you to plan 2 day adventure and stay in Imotski at least one night. Book accommodation in the town or nearby villages –> here.

Other than visiting these amazing lakes, charming town of Imotski, you can also visit the Topana fortress (on rock above Blue Lake), Green lake (Zeleno Jezero), Vrljika river, Galipovac Lake and breath taking Prlosko blato.


Because of its surroundings and the depth of the sinkhole, it is very difficult to throw a stone in the Red lake, so locals have legend that says if you can throw a stone in the Red Lake you will soon get married.

So, who wants to know if legend is true?

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When to visit Split?

Hello world!

It is very hard to write about city you’ve lived in (for bigger part of your life), but that doesn’t mean we won’t try :). Let’s start with WHEN to visit Split, Croatia?


If you are looking for cultural experience of Split city only (like museum, galleries and theater), you can visit all year round. Split is vibrant city with plenty of things going on. Still, we would avoid January (after New Year) and February, completely. In that period most old town restaurants & shops are closed.

March, April and May are reserved for lower accommodation prices and spring outdoor adventures. Go inland! There are numerous wonderful places close to Split. We just visited beautiful Imotski city and lakes, maybe you’ve seen it on our Instagram page (we will write about it in our next blog).

If you feel adventurous, join a biking or hiking tour (Biokovo and Kozjak mountains are interesting to explore).

Krka or/and Plitvice National Park can be fun day tour from Split, in that period (but also in summer season).

In April Split hosts Boat Show and Half Marathon race. On May 7th Split celebrates its patron saint, St. Domnius (Sv. Duje). Festivities include various events, exhibits, fairs, bingo on Riva, and concerts.

If your idea of vacation is swimming and visiting islands, don’t come before June. You don’t want to see islands in winter times, you really don’t! So, June marks beginning of summer season, which ends in September. July & August are high season months. June to September is time when Split and Croatia don’t sleep. It beats and breaths tourists and everything touristy. You want to swim, you can! Want to try best restaurants, they are all open! Thinking about renting a boat and explore Adriatic coast, vendors will fight for you! Ferry lines are also more frequent. Nightlife gets crazy and there are festivals everywhere (film and music). Oh, and it is hot, very hot! So, jump into that beautiful Adriatic sea and chill for a while!

We call October “Indian summer” period; or as locals call it “Granny summer” (literal translation). Sea is still warm enough to swim, but there aren’t many tourists at the beach. There is less crowd in the city and prices are lower again.

You can book our favorite accommodation in Split here -> Stylish 🙂

November and December are definitely off season months, but there is plenty going on in that period. Most famous event is ‘Advent in Split‘ which takes place on the Riva promenaded and nearby streets, from early December through to early January. There are events, concerts, traditional crafts, food & drinks houses and festive atmosphere. Advent is very popular among locals, but tourist seem to enjoy it too. If you have time to visit Zagreb, this is the best time! Zagreb “Christmas market” was voted (two times in a row) “European Best Christmas Market”. You can find out more in our Zagreb blog: here!

So, when are you planing your visit?

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TOP 5 beaches in Split

Summer is around the corner and we set on taking a first swim in Adriatic sea on May 14th! Not making promises, just stating our goals.

Split is our hometown, so we already have our beach preferences based on: proximity to our home, parking area, best bar and, of course, friends. Is it pebbly or sandy, clean beach or not; it really doesn’t matter. There is something special about coming alone to the beach and find bunch of friends there, without even picking up the phone ❤


Now, if you are first time in Split, to make your search for a perfect beach as easy as possible we made little “guide”. Split doesn’t have “the best beaches in the world” kind of beach, but don’t dismiss idea of taking a swim on a hot sunny day! Our guide is based on cool places to chill, have coffee and do nothing, but relaxing all day.

1. Obojena Svjetlost, also called Kastelet beach 

This pebbled beach just below the Marjan Hill. Close by you have Ivan Meštrović Gallery, so you can visit it before (not after, when you are all wet and salty, still it is a gallery). You can reach it on foot, bus (no. 12) or with a car. In high summer season parking a car there looks like game of Tetris, so we advise you to walk there. It is approx. 20 minute walk from city center. On the beach there are two coffee bars and that is it! What else do you need? Beach and coffee, that is how locals do it.IMG_3841-1

2. Numerous Marjan hill beaches.

3. Trstenik beach

This pebble beach is right below Radisson Blu Split Hotel which partly maintains the beach. VIP deck platform is operated by the hotel and you can use it if you are guest there. Book accommodation in Radisson here!

The rest of the beach is open for public. Beach is very clean and equipped with sunbeds and parasols (available for rent), still if you don’t want to pay sunbed rent fee, you can come there and put your towel wherever you want. Keep in mind, beach is in walking area (you can reach it from Znjan beach and buses 8 &15) and has no natural shadow.


4. Znjan beach

Approx. 1 km long pebbly beach, just around the corner from Trstenik beach. Beach is usually crowded and loud, right on dirt parking (convenient but dusty), not very well clean or maintained, doesn’t have natural shadow, has different styled bars and restaurants (so each 100 meters you have different kind of loud music style too), not very attractive, etc. So, you are wondering why is on this list?

The advantage of this beach is enough parking spaces, so if you are visiting Split by car you can be sure to find a spot there. You can also reach it by bus number 8 or 15. Znjan is the most popular beach for water spots (wind surfing, kite surfing, jet ski). One part of beach has accessibility for the disabled and newly adapted Duilovo beach is dog friendly. Like I mentioned before, it has numerous restaurants and bars (which is good thing if you planed to stay all day at the beach). Our favorite is Plan B, mainly because it offers craft beers and Diano is obsessed with it, he even makes his own craft beer.

There are also a lot of children friendly activities in the area (playgrounds, trampolines, go cart) which makes it suitable for families. Doesn’t sound bad now, right?


5. Bacvice

Last, but not least on our list is Bacvice beach. Most popular sandy beach in Split, mostly because of it’s proximity to the city center (10 minute walk) and local game called “picigin” (beach game protected as a cultural heritage). Local people play picigin all year long, even during winter time. It is played with small ball which you toss around with hand palm. This beach is very shallow, so it is easy for players to run trough the sea, trying to catch the ball – which actually makes game fun. Local spectators usually drink coffee in “Zbirac” coffee bar and enjoy the show.


Beach also offers sunbeds and parasols (for rent), restaurants and bars (which are open 24/7 during summer). Bacvice beach is a big part of Split nightlife, so if you are up for a party, you have to stop by. Now, this is a story for another blog, let us know if you want to hear about Split nightlife in comments below.


Don’t forget to hydrate, put on sun screen and buy beach accessories 🙂

Waterproof Cell Phone case:


Beach towel:

HAKE Inflatable:

DianoMaya is nominated for Versatile Blogger Award!!!

We just started the blog in 2017 and you can imagine our surprise when we got nominated for blogger award?! Getting recognize by the same people you obsessively follow is the biggest award of them all!

Firstly, THANK YOU Kruzovi for being  some of the friendliest people out there and nominating us! Your travels are our endless inspiration and support is appreciated! Kruzovi blog is in Croatian, but you can always follow them on Instagram and enjoy their colorful world. Follow here – > @kruzovi

My Nominations

  1. Miles away – we just entered blogging world and Evangelina was so friendly, reading our every post. Can’t thank her enough.
  2. The nomads project – we stumbled upon their Prague post and loved it. They wrote is just the way we like it. We are sure more great blogs will follow!
  3. FitMess Diary – it is not travel blog, but travel and being fit have always gone hand in hand. We met Andrea on YouTube audition in Croatia. She won, we cheered!
  4. Travelling hippie – they also just started their blog and they look like they have a lot to offer. We can’t wait to see more.
  5. Danica’s small world – her blog is bilingual, something we have considered doing for a while. For us, sometimes it is hard to write in English only, that is why we highly respect those who write in 2 languages! For real, respect!

Congratulations to all my nominees. Please read the Versatile Blogger Award Rules below to accept your nomination. Never stop encouraging each other!

7 Random Facts about us

Since there are two of us, Diano & Maya, we thought it would be cool to write things we are completely different in:

  1. Diano is early bird. Maya can’t, won’t, doesn’t wake up in the morning
  2. Diano doesn’t talk much, Maya does enough talking for both.
  3. From early dating days we realized Maya is always cold, Diano is always hot.
  4. Maya is obsessed with ice cream, Diano with craft beers.
  5. Diano can fix his dislocated shoulder like Mel Gibson in Lethal Weapon movie, while Maya never broke a bone.
  6. Maya thinks she can sing, dance, paint, you name it; and Diano is realistic.
  7. Lastly, if you didn’t know, we are married with all our differences 🙂

That’s all folks! Thank you, again, to Kruzovi for giving us this opportunity. This award is a great way to encourage other bloggers to keep up the good work, appreciate their excellent skills, inspiration and help people discover new blogs.


Versatile Blogger Award Rules

  • Publicly thank the person who nominated you, linking to their blog so everyone else can see how great they are.
  • Select up to 15 nominees you think are deserving this award and share links to their sites to share the love!
  • Tell all of these people 7 random things about yourself, and ask your nominees to do the same.
  • Publish Award rules and picture in blog post


God luck everyone!

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Dubai Desert experience with Funtours

When in a desert city you must go and see some sand dunes. We contacted few agencies in Dubai and Funtours had the best response (you can find a lot of similar offers for dune bashing and dinner in desert). Funtours were client oriented (Frances was quick to respond and informative) and price was fair.


They picked us with 4WDs in front of the hotel and we drove to the desert. Before entering desert, our driver, Zaki deflated tiers and for next 15 minutes we were dune bashing!! We sat in the back of our ride and let me tell you it is the best spot if you “like it rough”. If you have more sensitive stomach, sit in front. Car had metal frame, we hold on to it so hard that our fists hurt. There are times you don’t see anything trough the window, from all sand bashing around. Such a crazy experience, we highly recommend!


We stopped for sunset photos on top of sand dune and were told to go out barefoot. Once our feet touched the sand we were in heaven. Sand was soft like baby powder! Thank you Zaki for the best ride, music, pictures and information’s! IMG_4199-1

Later, we went to dinner camp, in desert. Camp looked like a Bedouin home, rugs were on the ground and we sat on cushions. Food was alright. We had falafels, shwarma, BBQ, salads, humus and tabbouleh. We smoked some shisha, took few photos dressed like Bedouins and Maya did henna painting on her hand; regular touristy stuff. It was all included in package, so why not?


But, the most amazing part of dinner was entertainment! Male dancers show was out of this world! Stay till end if you can! IMG_0803-1

We had amazing time in Dubai. Have you seen our “Top 10 list” in previous blog?

You can see our full Dubai video here:

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