Take your pleasures seriously

Wanna cake?

Os kolac_Maja-6761

We indulge our “sweet pleasures” whenever we can and as much as we can. This time road took us to Split, Croatia, local pastry shop called “O’š kolač” (which name translates “do you want a cake?”). Yes, is such an obvious answer.

Shop is tucked away from Split busy streets in Ćiril Metodova 4, where we were greeted with two pelicans at the entrance and swept away how cute shop is designed.

Os kolac_Maja-6752

Os kolac_Maja-6778

Os kolac_Maja-6869

O’š kolač is paradise for people who take their “sweet pleasures” seriously. Who can resist bite of olive oil, lavender and rosemary biscuits with mascarpone and honey cream, all arranged perfectly in cookie “Čičak” (transl. Burdock)? We know Maya can’t :).

Os kolac_Maja-6844

In O’š kolač pastry shop you can find cakes, cookies, biscuits, fresh juices, “golden milk”, coffee and cold tea selections. Well thought out little bites full of flavors.

Os kolac_Maja-6764

Os kolac_Maja-6769

Os kolac_Maja-675

Pastry chef and O’š kolač owner Tea Mamut, once, served famous movie stars (such as Natalie Portman, Kate Hudson and Roger Federer), now she is serving us, humans! We were lucky enough and met her. It is safe to say Maya was starstruck 🙂

Os kolac_Maja-6873

We tried almost everything in the shop and picked our favorites. Diano’s favorite is “Šinjorina Malina” (transl. Miss Raspberry) and Maya’s “Buža” (transl. Hole).

Let us know which one is yours!

Os kolac_Maja-6894

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